Do you remember that  scene in Tommy boy where Chris Farley says, “A guy puts a fancy guarantee on the box because he wants you to feel all warm and toasty inside.” One of Tommy Boy’s clients demanded that his company put a guarantee on the box of brake pads and Chris Farley’s character explains that a guarantee does not promise a good quality product. Essentially, if there is a guarantee on the box, it means it requires one because it probably won’t work in the long run. If your digital agency offers you a click guarantee, then they will not be monitoring and assessing the quality of clicks.


The Internet is Unpredictable

If you post a picture on Facebook or Instagram, you cannot guarantee that a picture you post will get 100 likes, because you just can’t predict what interests others to like something. If someone claims they can get a specific amount of clicks, you can trust that they will not be able to limit that ad at all in the interest of paying for only the most relevant traffic. Large marketing firms guarantee that they can get you a certain amount of clicks or conversions in a certain timeframe. Guarantees are promises that we can predict the future, and at Walter814 we don’t make any guarantees because we sadly cannot predict the future.

Guarantees Set the Bar Too Low

Walter814 will not promise any guarantees, because a guarantee may be setting the bar too low. We strive to make your account reachable to every interested person possible online. The reason we cannot make any guarantees is because we don’t know how many people will be interested after they see your ads. We could turn people into clients that we were not expecting. We strive to get you the most relevant customer traffic. There are a lot of things that could occur month to month that we cannot predict. It matters more to us to have the ability to react to the traffic and continue to increase relevance and quality monthly. This brings you more leads and real world profit. Seasonality is one of those things we cannot predict until we have years of data.

Honest and Truthful Data is Always Better Than a Guarantee

The team at Walter814 will always provide you with this honest and truthful information. Our management fee is not based on your spend on the platform, which allows us to recommend various shifts for the betterment of the campaign. This includes the ability to suggest that you spend less money on the platform in times of low seasonality, upcoming business changes or other possible reasons we see fit for your business. For example a landscaping company may experience slower traffic in the fall/winter timeframe, due to the lack of yard work required. If you provide it, maybe focus on snow removal or holiday light install services in these slower months. A tax services company may only see traffic from December-May because of tax season. If you’re an accountant, try to offer your other services and pause the tax services for a few months.

Walter814 will not guarantee that we can get you a specific number of clicks, but we will offer advice on how you can still stay on top of mind with all your interested customers online all your round. If you are looking for a guarantee, you need to question the quality of your advertising services.

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