Analytics Reporting

Analytics Reporting

Comphensive campaign analytics and insights.

Your website and the marketing materials that are used to bring visitors to your site are the primary feature of any marketing campaign. The story you tell to your clients helps them find out who you are and how you can serve them.

Just as with any account Walter814 helps you manage, you will have full rights to every design that we make for you. You will be able to take, reuse or change any of your assets at any time.

Basic Campaign Reporting

  • Aside from being able to access your advertising accounts at any time, all of our campaigns come with an interactive reporting dashboard where you can find easy-to-read insights into how your campaigns are performing.
  • We set up and monitor metrics like actionable conversions, total clicks and impressions, click through rate (CTR) and spend by platform. You can even change the date to see your past performance

Analytics Services

  • Standard – Go a step farther into your analytics when you look at the impact of your website traffic, begin to understand your customers, who they are, where they are in relation to your business. Includes full Google Analytics implementation and optimization to improve your tracking capabilities.
  • Premium – Ideal for the internal marketing professional in your business or business owners that want to understand their customer journey in more detail; Premium Analytics provides not just information about your website traffic and your visitors, but also offers a custom “deep dive” per month. Showing what your visitors do on your site, how they flow through your site pages, and possible hurdles they may be experiencing in their journey.
  • Premium Plus – Bring your analytics full circle and put action into your insights. Know the traffic and visitors on your site, take a look into their actions on your site and analyze their experience, then get full business recommendation and consultation into improving your customers’ journey and increasing your revenue and profit margins in our digital world.
  • Offline Analytics – Marry your online website data with your internal data sources. Available for those with any data outside of Google Analytics website traffic, can be added onto any level of analytics packages for integration with current website traffic and business recommendations that take your full business environment under advisement.
    Perfect for Restaurants that would like their Square or Toast data optimized for improved Menu and cost savings measures, or for business with multiple sources of marketing or sales data (call logs, inventory systems, sales management platforms, and more) that would benefit from an outside 3rd party view and evaluation.


  • Exciting and engaging copywriting is just as important as any part of your website or advertising campaign.
  • Copywriting for search campaigns comes standard with all Walter814 search campaigns. Additional copywriting for website copy, blogs, news articles, press releases or any other digital or print medium is available for an hourly based fee; $50 per hour.

Video Creation

  • In our fast moving world it can be hard to catch your audiences’ attention. With more digital content viewers consuming media at growing rates you must get your message in front of them when they are most digitally engaged. Of ten this is on YouTube and other streaming video platforms.
  • Video based platforms reach your audience, but only when you control for quality content. You want to focus your advertising dollars on only your most interested audience likely to become your client, and need a video built to match their unique needs and interests.
  • Let Walter814 help provide engaging video ads, with knowledge of the platforms most likely to work for you, and your desired viewers’ needs.

Our Services

With Walter814 your marketing budget goes further. Instead of paying high minimums and getting a low percentage of spend to the marketing platforms, get a real partner to manage your marketing with shared goals of furthering your business. Walter814 shifts the control back to your business while also saving you time and fully managing all accounts and data as your internal partner.

Search Marketing

Show in search engine results of potential customers looking for products and services you offer.

Targeted Display

Get your business in front of potential customers on the websites they are using.

Satellite Geo Display

 Draw a boundary around any building or location and advertise to those inside it. 


Serve your message to viewers as they are already engaging in relevant video content.


The future of TV advertising is reaching customers on streaming platforms.

Social Media

Be part of the conversation. Share and comment on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Web & Design Services

Grab attention with professional and aesthetically appealing ads, graphics, and websites.

Analytics Reporting

Understand web traffic, learn ROI from your marketing efforts, and get the help you need.