CTV/OTT Advertising

CTV/OTT Advertising

The future of TV based advertising.

Reaching customers in the world of streaming is as important as it was in the day of network channel controlled advertising.

Go right inside your Customers’ homes and reach customers with streaming based advertising. Go inside your customers’ living rooms reaching their large platform TVs with CTV advertising; while OTT reaches streaming customers on all their watchable devices meeting them wherever they choose to stream.

Offering 2 great targeting capabilities:

  1. Third Party data based targeting within spots that used to be reserved for very costly traditional TV buys are now available programmatically
  2. Service your High Resolution Video Ads using Amazon first party user segments, with placements on Amazon sites and partner publishers

What You Can Expect

Walter814 Will…

  • Completely Manage the relationship between your company and the CTV/OTT network provider, keeping all campaigns updated and on time.
  • Provide full time strategy and management on all aspects of the campaign
  • Provide video creation services (offered separately if needed)

The Benefits of Working With Walter814...

  • You own your only ads account, so you can check in and see all progress in Realtime
  • You retain your account as a business asset
  • You can let your account work with and not against the platform’s algorithms
  • You will have a dedicated account manager that has your company’s best interest as their main goal

Our Services

With Walter814 your marketing budget goes further. Instead of paying high minimums and getting a low percentage of spend to the marketing platforms, get a real partner to manage your marketing with shared goals of furthering your business. Walter814 shifts the control back to your business while also saving you time and fully managing all accounts and data as your internal partner.

Search Marketing

Show in search engine results of potential customers looking for products and services you offer.

Targeted Display

Get your business in front of potential customers on the websites they are using.

Satellite Geo Display

 Draw a boundary around any building or location and advertise to those inside it. 


Serve your message to viewers as they are already engaging in relevant video content.


The future of TV advertising is reaching customers on streaming platforms.

Social Media

Be part of the conversation. Share and comment on Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Web & Design Services

Grab attention with professional and aesthetically appealing ads, graphics, and websites.

Analytics Reporting

Understand web traffic, learn ROI from your marketing efforts, and get the help you need.