We have all had that moment where we talked about something, or searched something online, and the next thing you know, you are seeing ads for it everywhere. You may think it is creepy, but think about how beneficial it is if you do decide to go to that restaurant you have been scoping out. The restaurant has display ads in place to remind you of your interest in their location and it worked.

Display Ads Keep You Top of Mind

Display ads are important for advertising online because they keep you on the top of people’s minds. They may have looked around on your website once, but with display ads, it follows them around and reminds them that you exist. Hard to forget about something if it never goes away.

Mobile Apps Display Ads Don’t Produce

A lot of larger marketing companies will encourage you to run display ads, but not explain why they want you to pay for them. With the larger firms, they want you to run a display campaign so they can put your ads on mobile apps and get useless clicks. Display ad clicks cost less than search ads, which is why most companies sell search on a monthly budget and they sell display on a monthly click/impression guarantee. We all know there are ads on mobile game apps, but we just ignore them. You don’t really look at them, you just click to get rid of them and then go back to the game you were playing. You probably have no memory of what that ad even was just a few seconds later because you just want to continue playing your game. That being said, it clearly is not very beneficial to your business to put money into that kind of advertising unless it will be heavily monitored.

It’s About Quality Not Quantity

With Walter814, we do not offer traffic guarantees because we want to focus on the quality of traffic that comes to your website. We make sure that each placement and click that your ads get have the best chance of attracting a potential client for your business. After all, marketing should be directed with the point of gaining a new client for your business. Walter814 works daily on every account to make sure you are getting the best leads and the most out of every dime you spend with us because we believe in honesty. We want the most interested people to see your ads in the most beneficial places.

We manually go into your account multiple times a week and we make sure none of your ads are showing up on gaming apps, websites, or other placements that will not be beneficial to your business. We want the ads to follow interested future customers around where they will actually notice.

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