Asiana Thai and Sushi (Hyde Park, Ohio & Crestview Hills, Kentucky)

Jay Holmes, owner of Asiana Thai and Sushi in Hyde Park, Ohio, came to Nicole and Nick Walter of Walter814 in March 2020. Having had his dining room closed by the COVID mandates he told us that he made $20 that month and needed some help to avoid closing his doors.

How We Helped

Walter814 helped Asiana by presenting a digital marketing strategy and through analytics insights helped pivot his business to accommodate and market carry-out orders. Despite sushi being a food that was not typically “front-of-mind” for customers to consider for “carry out”.

The Results

Starting with a budget of just $100 spend per month for a Google Search campaign, Jay started receiving calls in the first month, continued to build his brand with Google Display with Retargeting and just one year later was able to expand his dream and open up his second location in Crestview Hills, KY.

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About Walter814

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