Cincinnati Commercial Contracting (Cincinnati, Ohio)

After having a bad experience with a large digital agency, paying for large minimum account costs per campaign and receiving only increased traffic but no leads, calls or ROI from his marketing efforts John Westheimer and his in-house marketing Professional Faith Taylor of Cincinnati Commercial Contracting (CCC) wrote off digital advertising, choosing instead to stay with the tried and true billboards and print media efforts he originally built the foundation of his commercial contracting company on for 40 years.

How We Helped

Nicole Walter and John spoke frankly from their first meeting about digital advertising and the reality of gaining ROI from various digital campaigns. Nicole was determined to change CCC’s experience with digital marketing as a whole, devising a strategy in a more specialized B2B only industry and ensuring the quality of the traffic to his site instead of quantity based guarantees that John was accustomed to from previous digital agencies.


Cincinnati Commercial Contracting has been a valued partner with Walter814 since November 2020, having built a close business relationship and trust through continued ROI and advanced analytics strategies. Weathering seasonality and changing economic conditions to continue the success of CCC’s digital marketing efforts and greatly increased brand awareness.

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We are focused on helping you grow your business. We believe in ownership, education and honest ethical practices. Walter814 provides the tools and knowledge necessary for businesses to make informed decisions about their digital marketing strategies. We allow each business to completely own all marketing accounts in their campaigns.