Organic rankings may be the “holy grail” for many companies but don’t sleep on the power of Google Search Ads. These ads give you a chance to get in front of an audience that you haven’t yet reached organically. And by finding the right intent keywords you can target people who are ready to buy or contact you.

That’s just one reason to build Google Ads into your digital strategy. Read on to discover more and see why search ads boost ROI and brand visibility.

What Are Google Search Ads?

Almost every time you enter a term into Google, you’ll see a set of results at the top of the page with the word “Sponsored” next to them. Those are Google Search Ads—results that businesses pay for to be the first thing a searcher sees.

The way it works is simple. You create a Google Ads account and build a campaign, using keywords and ad copy in tandem, along with a link to a landing page. You place a bid for ad positioning. Google stacks that bid up against every other bid it receives for the keywords you choose, and decides where to place your ad in its results.

5 Benefits of Google Search Ads & Why Every Business Should Use Them in 2023

Here are just a few of the benefits you enjoy when you use Google Search Ads.

Benefit #1: Billions of People Use Google

Google is hands down the most popular search engine in the world. HubSpot estimates that Google processes about 5.6 billion searches every day, which roughly translates to a trillion searches annually. Simply put, your audience uses Google.

Google Ads help your business become the first thing that searchers see when they enter terms related to what you do. Being first comes with benefits, such as more clicks and greater visibility, ensuring you drive more conversions (as long as you have a suitable landing page).

Benefit #2: Google Ad Clickers Have High Purchasing Intent

People use search engines for a lot of reasons.

Some are ready to buy. Others want to learn more about whatever they’re considering buying, so they’re using search engines to find reviews, check out different companies, and basically gather information.

These reasons for searching are called “intent” in digital marketing. And with Google Ads, you target people with a simple intent—buying.

According to Social Shepherd, 65% of the people who click on ads in Google are ready to buy. They’ve done their research. They know what they want. And they’re letting ads guide them to the product they need to purchase.

Benefit #3: It’s Faster Than SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Estimates vary on how long it’ll take for your website to reach the first page of Google’s organic search results for your chosen keywords. Competition is a factor. The more companies that are vying for the keyword, the longer it takes to get ranked. But as a general rule of thumb, you can expect to spend months—and a lot of money—to get a high organic ranking.

Google Search Ads, on the other hand, give you instant visibility. As long as you get the right balance between your bid, your ad’s relevance to your chosen keywords, and the ad’s relevance to your landing page, you can land at the top of Google immediately.

Benefit #4: Specific (And Effective) Targeting

Though your company may already know what its target audience looks like, knowing that audience and finding it are two very different things. It’s this difference that leads to almost three-quarters (72%) of marketers saying that they simply can’t find their audience online.

The reason for this inability to find the right people. Most of the tools they use aren’t great for targeting specific demographics. 

Yet, Google Search Ads are. You can break down campaigns based on specific audience criteria, with everything from location and age to specific keywords thrown into the mix. If you already know who your audience is, Google Ads ensures you get in front of them.

Benefit #5: It’s Easy to Track Results

Every campaign you create in Google Ads generates “Search Console” data. Think of this like the Analytics you get for your main website through Google Analytics, only focused specifically on your paid ad campaigns.

You can track everything from the specific queries people used to find your ad to the impressions, clicks, and click-through rate (the number of clicks you get compared to the number of impressions) for each ad. You can dig even deeper, too, with data telling you what devices people use to find your ads and where your searchers live. In other words, Google Search Ads are a data bonanza, giving you everything you need to hone in on your target audience and tweak campaigns so you get more out of your budget.

Learn More and Make the Most of Your Digital Advertising with Walter814

For as many benefits as Google search ads provide, the average small business wastes a shocking 25% of the money they spend on paid ads. The reason is often because they don’t have the time to master the tool they’re using.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the Benefits of Google Search Campaigns?

The primary benefits of Google Search Ads are that billions of people use Google daily, those who click on Search Ads have a high purchasing intent, and ads provide results much faster than SEO. You can reach your target audience (who’s likely to convert) in as quickly as a month—as opposed to several months with organic traffic.

What Is the Main Goal of a Google Ads Campaign?

The main goal of a Search Ads campaign is to lead your target audience to your site’s landing page where they’ll convert—whether that is making a purchase or submitting a consultation form, which obviously depends on your business. Google Search Ads grant you the opportunity to advertise effective and concise messaging to an audience that’s eager to learn more.

What Is the Key Value of a Google Search Campaign?

A Search campaign’s key value is the ability to quickly meet your ideal audience at a low cost. Google Search Ads allow you to set a budget of what you’re willing to spend in a month, and from there you craft ads and bid on them appearing for specific keywords. When users see your ad, the hope is they’ll click on it and convert on your landing page.

What Are the Main Components of Google Search Ads?

Google Search Ads consist of a headline (which is 30 characters or less), a description (which is 90 characters or less), and a URL (which is your site’s landing page, geared toward a specific product or service). On top of that (and likely at an extra cost), a Search Ad can have images, reviews, clickable phone numbers, and more.

Don’t get lost in the details and complexities behind Google Search Ads by going it alone. Contact Walter814 for a consultation and discover how we’ve helped companies just like yours increase brand awareness while leading customers to your site.